About Capital Branch

The aims of the branch are to stimulate advances in aviation safety and technology by providing a forum to improve still further the technical, political and social interchange between the US and UK aerospace communities.

Current Board is:- 




Sir Stuart Matthews - President

William Voss - Chairman

Quentin Whiteree - Vice Chairman/Secretary

Ken Gazzola – Past Chairman

Sam White - Treasurer

Shelly Simi - Membership

Lee Harman - Events

Ken Quinn - Counsel

John Stack - Programs

David Fuscus - Communications

Air Cmdre James Linter, OBE

Stella Weidner

Susan Walsh

David Hills

Gene Fraser

Michael Otterblad

Noel Hopkins

Melinda Benson Viteri

Derrick Surratt

Greg Caires

Bill Strandberg

Shawn Bullard

Ray Sealey

Alan Hickling (Ex-Officio)

Bob Francis – (Ex-Officio)

Reg Smith (Ex-Officio)

To provide a forum to stimulate advances in aeronautical technology and safety between the US, UK and global aeronautical communities.


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