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Thurs, Nov 23 Interview: Face to Face with Dan Elwell | VIDEO
Thur, Nov 12th Webinar Webinar: AI and Machine Learning in Airborne Systems – Unlocking the power without compromising safety 10am | VIDEO
Tues, June 9th Webinar Webinar: AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH IN A POST-COVID-19 WORLD - Can we still turn dreams into reality? 10am


Thurs, Nov 7 Lecture Space - the final frontier or next battlefield?
Tues, Oct 29 Field Trip National Airport
Thurs, Oct 3 Lecture Is Autonomous Air Taxi Hype for Real?
Thurs, June 13 Lecture: Hypersonics: Is the Future Finally Here?
Mon, May 13th Garden Party and Leading Edge Award Ceremony
Thurs, April 4: Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center Tour and Reception | AGM
Friday, April 12: Field Trip Goddard Spaceflight Center
Friday, Feb 8 Lecture: Exploring Pilot Training & Proficiency for the Future


Thurs, Nov 8 Lecture The Economics of Supersonics
Thurs, Oct 4 Lecture The Future of Lift
Thurs, May 24 Co-Sponsored event: Brexit Over There – Impacts Over Here
Thurs, June 7 Lecture Satellites of Tomorrow – Vast Increase in Quantity and Capabilities
Thurs, May 10 RAeS DC Branch Ambassador's Residence Reception | Transatlantic Leading Edge Award to Willie Walsh, CEO, International Airlines Group
Mon, April 30 Marion C. Blakey, President and CEO of Rolls-Royce North America and Annual General Meeting
Sat, March 17 Field Trip: National Electronics Museum Tour
Thurs, Feb 8 Lecture: Cyber Security in International Aviation – A Problem of Trust Obscured by a Cloud of Technology


Thurs, Nov 9              Counter-UAS (military) | Photos

Thurs, Oct 5              Commercial Unmanned Systems | Photos

Wed, June 28th         Reception at British Ambassador's Residence | Photos

Fri, June 16               RAeS DC Branch Field Trip: NTSB Training Facility Ashburn

Thurs, May 11           Electric Airplanes | Photos

Thurs, April 17           Leading Edge Award and Annual General Meeting | Photos

Fri, March 17             Branch Field Trip: A Tour of the TSA Systems Integration Facility (TSIF)

Thurs, Feb 23            Where are Humans going in Space? | Photos



Nov 10:                        The Boeing Company, Arlington, VA | The History and Future of Stealth | Photos

Sep 28                       Warrenton, VA | Fieldtrip to Potomac Center and Air Traffic Control Center Systems Command Center

Sep 22                      British International School Washington, D.C. | The Commercial Application and Regulation of UAS in the US and UK | Photos

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